Tuesday, 30 September 2014


So as far as I can tell VOMITFIST was a father/son project making some grindcore and then they got a vocalist. The father is a decent composer who teaches how to play Black Sabath on youtube as well as creating the Java music language. The son is in a band called space ass. The new vocalist is also in space ass. Either way I'm totally into grind so I'm excited for this. I hear they're pretty popular with kids in New York. They just released this EP in July and I'm sure you can get it from them on the internet or something.
In it's promo it's tagged as blackened gind but I'm not really getting the blackened part at all, I'll say it has more spazzy or thrashcore elements to it. The first five songs have the six minutes of dis-jointed chaos you would expect from a grind album. Fast time changes, jerking guitar riffs and quick song endings. Then starting with song#5 "Frogmen" this album really gets its groove, the songs are still a minute long but they start ripping.  Track#8 "A public execution" is kind of thrashcore again, almost giving a Toxic Holocaust feel to it. Some of you might not like song names like "Ass Hammer" and "The Sacred Slut" but the songs are well crafted and in a way, catchy. "Broken" is a really great song, it has a good flow and dynamic to it that makes me want to put it on a playlist. The last song is called "Bloodfisher" and it's the only song I get any sort of black metal feel off of and it's only because of the guitar tone. And at three minutes long it's the epic of this album.
I like this album, it gives a lot of different things to the listener. There's the spazzy and the thrashy and as well some quick, catchy songs. I would even say there are songs with mainstream appeal but I am notoriously bad with knowing what mainstream appeal is. It's an easy listen for those with bad attention spans as most of the songs don't last two minutes but you get a lot in those two minutes. This band has only been doing things for less than two years I think, and they already have this put together. Makes me think there will be a lot more in the near future.


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